VAT, Customs and Income Tax

Valued Added Tax (VAT):
The Law Counsel has a growing VAT practice and is competent to advise and assist clients with regard to each tier of VAT authorities. Lawyers of the firm have experience of appearing both on behalf of the National Board of Revenue and VAT-assessees. The firm is regularly instructed in the filing of VAT appeals before the High Court against arbitrary penalties and taxes imposed by the VAT authorities. Recently, the firm filed VAT appeals on behalf of a private port and a major manufacturer of furniture in Bangladesh. The firm’s Partners are known for their expertise and understanding of VAT law and have recently been involved in editing landmark judgments of the Supreme Court arising out of the VAT Act.

The firm’s lawyers regularly advise and represent clients before the Customs, Excise and VAT Tribunal as well as the High Court in complicated customs related matters. The firm has a long track record of representing importers in customs appeals with regard to determination of HS Codes and assessment of customs duties. It has also expertise in representing foreign clients before the customs authorities regarding re-export of frustrated cargo under the laws of Bangladesh.

Income Tax:
The firm has conducted litigation on behalf of and against the National Board of Revenue (NBR). It is regularly instructed in the filing of Income Tax Reference applications before the High Court. The firm has advised and appeared on behalf of pharmaceutical companies, agro-processing companies and banks in relation to income tax disputes. It was involved in a complicated proceedings before the Supreme Court on behalf of a Shariah-based bank in relation to treatment of Zakat as an allowable expenditure and hence exemption from income tax. The firm’s lawyers have appeared on behalf of a number of Universities, including, North South University and the International Islamic University Chittagong in relation to their tax exemptions. The firm is currently representing a company in appeal proceedings relating to cancellation of income tax holiday by the NBR.
Recently, the firm represented a leading private university in challenging the constitutionality of a legislation imposing tax on its surplus income.