The telecommunications industry has boomed since the turn of the century resulting in the grant of licences to private televisions channels, radio stations and telephone/mobile phone companies.

The firm was involved in the first major telecommunications litigation in Bangladesh, the Ekushey Television Case, which exposed corrupt practices in the granting of TV licences.The firm’s Senior Partner has also successfully represented a local television channel in a litigation challenging the validity of its operations before the Supreme Court.

A large part of the firm’s telecommunications practice involves advising global mobile phone operator groups and providers of messaging and VOIP services on issues related to expansion of their services within Bangladesh, including advising on restrictions on transfer of customer data, legality of storage of user communication, data retention obligations, legality of providing OTT VoIP/Chat services, data security breaches, reporting obligations etc.

The firm regularly advises Bloomberg LP on the introduction of new products and services in Bangladesh and has recently advised it regarding the provision of the Bloomberg FX Systems, the Bloomberg Market Concepts Course and the CFA Prep Course in Bangladesh.

The firm has advised the world’s largest information technology company regarding the legality of using embedded programmable SIM technology as a substitute for traditional SIM cards. The firm recently advised a technology company regarding the regulatory approvals necessary for setting up towers/aerostats in Bangladesh and the requirement of complying with environmental laws and building regulations. It has also advised a UK based broadcasting company regarding notification obligations in the event of data security breaches under the laws of Bangladesh.

The firm is currently advising a US based global social networking service regarding availability of safe harbours for internet intermediaries, the accessibility of music and VOD services in Bangladesh, the market position of music rights holders in Bangladesh, and the viability of entering into licensing agreements with copyright societies.

The firm recently advised Sage Bionetworks regarding the legality of collection and transfer of research data from adults and children under the laws of Bangladesh.