The Law Counsel has a dedicated team engaged in registering foreign trademarks in Bangladesh and attending hearings before the Trademarks Registry when objections are raised to the registration.

The firm also regularly represents clients in passing-off and trademark litigation before the District Court and the Supreme Court. Recently the firm represented a Swiss multinational pharmaceutical company in a trademark appeal in the Supreme Court which culminated in an out of court settlement.

The firm carries out searches and background checks of entities in breach of trademark laws in order to advise on the feasibility of pursuing trademark claims.

The firm has recently advised a leading information technology company on copyright issues involved in offering access to movies/music via an online store. The firm is currently advising a Hong Kong based company and a Thailand based corporation with regard to registration of trademarks and industrial design in Bangladesh. 

The firm has collaborated with foreign firms such as Irfan and Irfan, Pakistan and United Trademark and Patent Services, UAE in taking steps against infringement of foreign trademarks in Bangladesh.

Representative Clients: Micro-Pak Ltd. (Hong Kong), Al-Baik (Saudi Arabia), Siam Cement Public Company Ltd. (Thailand), Siam Kubota Corporation (Thailand), Novartis (Switzerland), Ibn Sina Pharmaceuticals Ltd.