Divorce and Matrimonial Matters

In particular, clients based abroad have engaged the firm to institute/defend divorce suits and dower recovery proceedings and to complete formalities before the Marriage/Divorce Registrar. We also provide legal representations in child abduction cases arising out of complicated divorce/separation proceedings.

The firm regularly advises clients interested in prosecuting/defending cases under the Nari O Shishu Nirjatan Daman Ain, 2000 (Prevention of Repression Against Women and Children Act, 2000) and Dowry Prevention Act, 1980.

Child Custody Matters

With the rise of divorce rates,  Bangladesh has witnessed an increase in the number of custody cases. A fair number of these custody battles involves parents who are foreign nationals with court orders from foreign courts. The firm has represented clients from the United Kingdom, United States and Switzerland in child custody disputes.

Recently, the firm was involved in a protracted child custody litigation where the High Court provided directions for sharing the custody of the child. Mediation is encouraged as a means of resolving family disputes. The firm has also arranged for mediation in a number of family law cases culminating in out of court settlements.

Adoption / Guardianship Matters

Since adoption is not recognized under Bangladesh law, the firm provides assistance in guardianship proceedings to its clients under the country’s Guardian and Wards legislation. 

Recent Activities: Recently, the firm successfully granted custody of a Swiss child to his father. The matter was actively contested between the parents at all three tiers of the judicial system in Bangladesh. This was one of a handful of cases where custody of a child was handed over to the father.

The firm is also currently assisting a number of expatriate Bangladeshis to obtain guardianship over children for the purpose of adoption in the United States.