Data Protection, Privacy and Cyber security

Bangladesh is in the midst of a digital revolution. In keeping pace with the rapid advancement of technology, local laws have developed to introduce provisions regarding data protection and privacy. Recently, laws have been passed establishing bodies such as the Digital Security Agency and the National Computer Emergency Response Team (N-CERT) which are tasked with the responsibility of combating threats to digital security. 

The firm regularly advises foreign entities operating in Bangladesh regarding the scope and application of local data protection laws. We have provided comprehensive advice to US based firms regarding regulatory compliance obligations, particularly with regard to data privacy and protection of privacy of local data subjects. The firm has also advised clients with regard to notification obligations in the event of data security breaches as well as with regard to data protection and security in respect of information stored in cloud servers.

The firm recently instituted proceedings before the Supreme Court challenging the legality of the Digital Security Act, 2018 for having contravened certain constitutionally guaranteed fundamental rights. 

The firm’s partner has authored articles on ‘Data Protection in Bangladesh- Overview’ (published by Thomson Reuters) and ‘Whistleblowing Guidance Notes (Bangladesh) (published in One Trust Data Guidance).